Yevpatoria Curtain

Image Design ProcessA blue silk and embroidered ark curtain made by members of Harlow Jewish Community has been delivered to its twin community in the former Soviet Union. The congregation’s Rabbi Irit Shillor took the curtain to Yevpatoria ready for Rosh Hashanah.

The designs on the curtain were inspired by pictured drawn by Harlow cheder pupils and feature Biblical scenes, a Jerusalem skyline, a shofar, magen David and Shabbat candles. Congregants spent several months painting and embroidering the designs as well as a delicate purple and gold border. Rabbi Shillor said Yevpatoria was delighted with the curtain.

Pictured with the finished curtain just before it went to Yevpatoria are its creators (from left) Cheryl Petar, Deborah Mortlake, Rabbi Irit, Kuzna Jackson, Irene Steinberg and Vivienne Wright.

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