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  1. Trump disavows 'send her back' rally chant, many Republicans alarmed

    "That does not need to be our campaign call," conservative Representative Mark Walker said.
  2. Gas pains in the eastern Mediterranean

    Ankara has sloughed off moves by the European Union issued in retaliation for Turkish drilling in waters claimed by EU-member Cyprus
  3. Trump: U.S. destroyed Iranian drone near Strait of Hormuz

    Iran says it is unaware of any drone downing.
  4. Mourning Israelis in Bulgaria call on gov’t to charge Hezbollah for terror

    Families travel to Burgas on 7th anniversary of devastating attack.
  5. Republican U.S. senator plans resolution urging Turkey sanctions

    Republican Senator Rick Scott plans to unveil a resolution on Thursday calling for sanctions against Turkey after its purchase of a Russian air defense system.

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