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  1. German Jewish president wants assertive policy against Iran's regime

    “I cannot understand the German voting behavior at the UN in any way. It would be good if an optician could readjust German foreign policy in dealing with Iran”
  2. What I’ve learned about UAE culture as the chief rabbi’s wife - opinion

    We must respond by respecting customs, spaces and sensitivities as visitors and residents. It is our opportunity to show — with passion and conviction — that the Jewish people are invested in peace.
  3. Dutch students use Israeli technology to make recycled car

    The car is made out of recycled waste including food remnants, different kinds of plastic and even used diapers.
  4. Pompeo discusses Israel-Lebanon common maritime boundary with President Aoun

    “I also underscored the importance for Lebanon's political leaders to implement reforms as called for by the Lebanese people,” Pompeo tweeted.
  5. Israel and UAE to sign a visa-free entry agreement

    The visa-free agreement will be the first agreement of this kind between Israel and an Arab state.

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