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  1. 1,214 Belarusian Jews murdered by Nazis get final resting place

    The construction site where they were found used to be located in the Brest Ghetto during the Holocaust.
  2. 2,000-year-old Jewish bones found in Jericho receive burial in Kfar Adumim

    Hundreds of tombs were found in a complex of dozens of burial caves, in which unique inscriptions were found and provided details of the deceased.
  3. United Nations Security Council debates UNRWA - watch live

    The 15-member UNSC holds a briefing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in New York once a month.
  4. Potential Iranian attacks against Americans have been 'put on hold' - U.S. official

    "I think our steps were very prudent and we've put on hold the potential for attacks on Americans and that is what is extremely important."
  5. Sweden proposes international court to try ISIS fighters - report

    According to the Financial Times a summit to discuss the proposal will be held in Stockholm in early June. The establishment of such a court could also represent a solution for ISIS foreign fighters.

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