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  1. UK Labour Party debates Israel arms boycott at an annual conference

    A member of Knesset, Ayelet Nachmias-Verbin, said that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is ‘an antisemite’ and that the problem with anitsemitism in the Labour party has not yet been resolved.
  2. The laugh heard around the world: Trump at the UN

    Trump's presidency has been filled with moments that have led the world to laugh.
  3. Trump to U.N.: U.S. 'not held hostage to old dogmas' on Mideast peace

    Addressing the body for the second time, Trump defended his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital as a move in advancement of peace. The policy announcement in December prompted a rare rebuke of the US from General Assembly members.
  4. Rabbis: IDF religious code should reflect majority

    A new document has been drawn up by two national-religious rabbis seeking to set principles for dealing with religious and secular sensitivities in the IDF.
  5. Tel Aviv elections: First-ever all-female list seeks to narrow gender gap

    Today, only eight of 31 city council members in Tel Aviv are female.

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