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  1. Jewish student verbally assaulted in English pub

    The man, claiming he was German, said that the student "looks like a Jew" and that "we should have f**king gassed the lot of you."
  2. Coronavirus crisis: Municipalities take greater role in stopping infection

    “I think the ‘traffic light’ model is correct,” said coronavirus commissioner Prof. Ronni Gamzu. Some 7.2% of people tested in the last day were found to have the virus.
  3. Hamas launches missiles toward the sea 'in warning to Israel'

    Hamas's message was that the calm along the border with the Gaza Strip won’t last.
  4. English doctor runs 22 miles in face mask to advocate its safety

    Lawton ran 8 miles to work and following his shift he ran another 14 - while notably uncomfortable, he stated his oxygen levels did not waver.
  5. Israeli jewelry company designs most expensive coronavirus mask in world

    It costs around $1.5 million.

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